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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Amna Al Haddad


Seminar: Weightlifting Legends Coach Athletes in Dubai

Olympic Weightlifting a tough sport. It is more than just throwing weights overhead. The weightlifter has to go through a lot of mental, technical, and emotional challenges to be able to reach the elite level. I already knew this, but it’s a great reminder for the journey I just started.

I had the honor to have attended one of the most educational Olympic weightlifting events held in Dubai on Friday, 19th of Oct. It was rather once in a lifetime experience – although I’d like to believe there is more to come. The three-hour seminar was organized by a Greek gold medalist weightlifter at the European championships in 2008, Natalia Tsoulia, with a collaboration from the Burn Room.

And they had a big surprise for us!

During the first portion of the event, they announced that we will have the chance to ask Pyrros Dimas  – a Greek weightlifter legend – over Skype regarding anything weightlifting related. Pyrros is considered one of the greatest weightlifters of all times.  He is a three times Olympic champion and three times world champion and has broken numerous world records. See him in action:

Pyrros Dimas practicing the power clean

Q & A:

Given yours truly who wants to become a weightlifting icon in four years time, there was just a tad bit pressure on me to ask the first question! Seeing how personally my lifting has been in the past few months, one of the things I find most challenging is dropping under the bar in the Snatch. When asked Pyrros what needs to be done – he said a much improved back squat. As the relation between your best Squat and Snatch is very relevant (something I explained in my training log post briefly.)

Then all the questions started pouring. Athletes and trainees asked on nutrition, what mentally goes in a weightlifter’s mind before a lift, questions on technique, and Pyrros’s experience. Some of the highlights were:

  • Nutrition: Eat a lot of meat.
  • Never think a negative thought before a lift.
  • The difference between your hang clean and power clean should be 15-20kgs, the power clean being the bigger lift.
  • Pyrros did a lot of training to support his weightlifting, such as sprints and additional exercises before he only did weightlifting. He also spent TWO years lifting without weight – like many professional weightlifters start out – to learn the technique and right bar path.
  • You lift with your LEGS, not arms. You’re arms should be as loose as rope.

Pyrros, to say the least, is a very simple and humble person. I wish that one day we get to have him come to the UAE and coach us personally.

Some pictures!

Technical Session:

Then the technical work started, headed by weightlifter Natalia Tsoulia who brought our attention to a lot of small details to focus on to make our lifts as efficient as possible.

The program was:

  • Warm-Up
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Snatch practice from the blocks
  • Back Squats

Some of the Snatch tips were:

  • Hook grip! Without a hook grip, your lift is disqualified in official weightlifting meets.
  • Keep the bar close to your body.
  • Chest out.
  • Foot slightly pointed outwards, hip width apart (which is your BASE).
  • Don’t jump.
Personal things I need to work on:
  • Staying consistent in my bar path by keeping the bar close and “in”.
  • Keep my chest out when I drop under the bar, instead of dive forward.

Some of the Clean and Jerk tips were:

  • Hook Grip
  • Keep the bar close to your body when you clean. Do not pop the bar out.
  • Chest out.
  • Before you split jerk, take a breath in.
  • Keep elbows high and slightly out.
  • Do not jump in the jerk. Step out fast and strong, not soft.
  • As you jerk, you breathe out.
  • Keep your body in one line, your back is not leaning back or forward.
  • Recover with the front foot first with three steps back, then bring the back foot one step forward until you’re in one line.
 Personal things I need to work on:
  • I keep the bar close (sometimes), but need to be consistent with it.
  • Chest out when I come out of the squat
  • Keep my body straight in the jerk

Personally, I am lacking upper and mid back strength, which is one of the big reasons I am struggling with keeping my back upright (or chest out) and causes my diving under the bar. However from a technical perspective, I have improved a lot since I started Olympic weightlifting, I have picked up some bad habits in the past, however, with more volume and technical work, it can be fixed. I cannot wait! 

Last words:

I hope that this post was useful to you as it was exciting for me to write! I truly believe Olympic weightlifting has a lot of growing to do in the UAE, but it’s definitely a sport that has potential to becoming bigger and better. I was truly humbled and have truly enjoyed those three hours (wouldn’t mind doing that everyday, either :P).


Big thanks to Pyrros Dimas for giving us his time, Natalia for her time to coach us and organize the event with the Burn Room.


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