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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by Amna Al Haddad


Seminar: Dmitry Klokov in Dubai

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I have written a post as I have been extremely busy and have not been able to slow down — but this is not a post to miss! Dmitry in Dubai!

When I knew that Dmitry Klokov, a silver medalist at the 2008 Olympics and a world champion from Russia, coming to Dubai I was extremely thrilled and signed up immediately for the seminar.

The seminar was absolutely great and broken down in an organized manner, starting with:

  • Demonstration from Klokov
  • Snatch technique
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Lecture and Q&A
  • Pictures with the man himself

It’s amazing how klokov just walked in to the gym, very relaxed, humble, saying hello to everyone. Walks to the platform, and starts to warm up, jumping in weights that my mind couldn’t comprehend, and jerks 230kgs as you can see here in his instagram.


Then we take a 15 minutes break to warm up and get ready to work on technique. We worked on pulling the weight from the floor to below the knees, then above the knees. Explaining to us, how our shoulders should be over the bar, and have our knees out (you really feel it in your hamstrings and lower back when you are in the right position, it was extremely intense practice – shaky legs?)

Then we worked on the “end position” of pulling the bar. There is NO SHRUGGING whatsoever in weightlifting. Klokov said “Shrugging is a bad word!” What you actually use is your traps, and you bring your elbows as forward and as straight as possible.

Then we moved on to work on “catching the bar, as many make the mistake of “jumping” rather than slide when they open their base. The exercise was done with clips on the edge of our toes, so we have to “kick them” which shows a proper execution of the movement, while pulling under the bar in a snatch balance. I was super excited when Klokov told me “super!”Β  These kind of comments from elite weightlifters really make you feel more motivated and that you are on the right track! Here’s an example:

Then we had about 20 minutes to find our max snatch.

Clean and Jerk:

We worked on similar points in the C&J as we did in the snatch, the pull from the floor, and end position of the pull in the clean and how far we need to bring the bar up to get our true “maximum.” It’s extremely amazing what you can learn from someone who’ve been doing sports for 20 years. It’s hard to put it all down in a post.

In general I am quite good at the clean, that’s my strongest suit, compered to the snatch, so I didn’t have a lot of issues trying to fix or understand what I need to do. Had a bit of issues with my jerk…but with TWO tips from Dmitry, I was able to change my jerk and it’s been better since then and more stable during training.

Then we had to find our best C&J. And I got a “very very good” from Dmitry! woohooo!!! It made my day, I was like a kid who’ve been given ice cream!

Lecture & Q&A:

Here Klokov talks to us about general mistakes people make in weightlifting, and things to look after and be mindful about when lifting, and how to fix certain weaknesses. He shared with us some of Russian weightlifting secrets, special exercises and more.

Then he signed our certificates and took pictures with us!

Final Words:

I extremely loved the seminar, it was very informative (and no, no translators were needed!). Klokov has been extremely humble, funny man, very helpful and patient with all of us in trying to fix our technique. It was great to have him here in Dubai and glad he enjoyed his stay! :)

Yours in Health,
Until Then.

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Amna Al Haddad , born in 21 Oct 1989, is an Emirati who always had a passion for health and fitness. She made history by being the first Emirati and GCC national to ever to participate in the Reebok Crossfit Games Asia Regionals. Since then she embarked on Olympic Weightlifting with being an IWF Arab and West-Asian Champ -63. A NIKE sponsored athlete, a motivational speaker and published author.

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